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Explore the vineyards of the longest wine route in France.

The Loire Valley is called the ‘Garden of France’. Mild temperatures all year round and abundant water thanks to the presence of the river. Good conditions for producing great wines. But there are no great wines without the talent of the winemaker and their work in the vineyard. If the Loire vineyard is now well placed on the French wine map, it is also thanks to this!

Where does the Loire vineyards rank on the French wine map?

On the map of French vineyards, the Loire Valley is the third wine region and has the longest wine route in France. Along this route, there are thousands of wine producers and 85 different appellations!

It goes without saying that the choice of wine cellars to include in your list of visits could be more difficult than expected.

However, no matter which part of the Loire Valley vineyard you choose to visit first, the diversity of the wine offer remains incredible: dry or sweet white wines, light or full-bodied red wines, sparkling wines, everything is there.

From Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon, Melon de Bourgogne, not to mention Chenin, the star of the Loire Valley. An endless combination of wine tasting possibilities, for everyone and every taste.

Visiting the Loire vineyards promises a journey through peaceful vineyards punctuated by “tasting stops” of amazing wines, to be discovered along the way, from Angers to Blois.

The great diversity of its vineyards and the increasing quality of Loire Valley wines have placed this region on the global wine map.

So, is the Loire Valley trending?

Yes, absolutely.

The Loire Valley vineyard is on the upswing.

The Loire vineyard is more fashionable than ever, thanks in particular to a young generation of talented and passionate winemakers who produce wines of exceptional quality. They have been able to renew production and aging techniques while respecting the region’s winemaking heritage.

In addition, an increasing portion of the vineyard is cultivated using organic or biodynamic farming, demonstrating winemakers’ commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. This meets the expectations of consumers who want to consume healthier and more environmentally friendly wines.

Finally, the cultural heritage of the Loire is incomparable, with its majestic castles, picturesque villages, and exceptional landscapes that make it a choice wine tourism destination.

Loire Valley vineyards map icon

Discover our interactive map of Loire Valley winemakers to explore the wine treasures of this region. Our wine map allows you to click on the vineyards to access detailed information on winemakers as well as on-site activities.

The Loire Valley vineyard is renowned for the quality of its wines and the great diversity of grape varieties. Thanks to our wine map, you can discover the many vineyards that line the Loire. By browsing our interactive map, you can explore the main cities of the region. Within the Loire Valley vineyard, Tours remains an essential stop: Chinon, Bourgueil, and Vouvray are about 45 minutes away (Vouvray is even closer, less than 8 km from the city center of Tours). These three major wine cities of the Loire Valley are always a good starting point for your cellar visit with winemakers in the region.

Our Loire Valley vineyards map is designed to help you plan your visit to the region based on your preferences. And if you want to learn more about the specificities of each grape variety or terroir, this is the right place!