A picturesque wine region where a new generation of talented winemakers has recently settled.

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Visiting Saumur and the Saumur wine region, home of a new generation of talented winemakers

This travel guide will help you plan your stay and organize a wine tasting in some of the best wineries nearby.

Between Tours and Angers, the city of Saumur is located on one of the most beautiful river loops in the Loire Valley. Saumur is particularly well known for its castle, its cavalry school (the famous “cadre noir”) and of course… its wines. Here the plural is required, because the Saumur vineyard is both extensive and diverse. No less than seven appellations can be counted in the Saumur wine region. For example, the young appellation Saumur Puy-Notre-Dame where talented winemakers produce remarkable wines on an extraordinary terroir. Not to mention that the region has small charming villages that will appeal to lovers of old stones: Montsoreau, Montreuil-Bellay and Le Puy-Notre-Dame for example. Welcome to the Anjour-Saumur wine route. Looking for the best wineries and wine tasting tours in the Saumur region? Keep reading.

Saumur images
City of Saumur - Aerial view of the Loire
City of Saumur - Aerial view of the Loire
Saumur - The castle - Loire Valley wine route
On the Loire Valley wine route, the Saumur castle is a must visit
Souzay Champigny, "capital" of the Saumur Champigny appellation (7 km south-east of Saumur)
Souzay Champigny, "capital" of the Saumur Champigny appellation (7 km south-east of Saumur)
Vineyards around the village of Turquant (Saumur Champigny appellation) - Wine tasting tour in Saumur, France
Vineyards near the village of Turquant (Saumur Champigny appellation)

Saumur : where to taste wine?

A selection of great wineries in the area. Pick a winery to book the perfect wine tasting experience.

Wine tasting near Saumur? It will certainly be easy to visit the great sparkling Saumur wineries located along the river Thouet, just a few kilometers west of the city center (Ackerman, Ladubay, …). But the Saumur region offers such a wide range of wine tasting possibilities that it would be a shame not to explore further! Following the river Loire eastwards, go taste the Saumur Champigny appellation at Domaine Bobinet or at Château Yvonne. A little further south, very beautiful vineyards cultivated by promising winemakers such as Romain Guiberteau and Arnaud Lambert will also deserve a stop. Finally, you may finish your Saumur wine tasting tour ten miles further south, on the lands of the Saumur Puy-Notre-Dame appellation. The Domaine de la Paleine will delight you with its beautifully made white, red and sparkling Saumur wines.

Wine appellations near Saumur

Saumur : Things to do and to see in the area

Recommended attractions and must-see places nearby.
A few minutes from Angers, a confidential vineyard that produces exceptional dry white wines. Mandatory tasting.
Capital city of the Anjou wine region, a perfect starting point for your wine tour of the Layon valley.
Divine Loire wine bottle with smile
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