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The ultimate travel guide to the Loire Valley wine region and wineries

From Angers to Blois, the Loire Valley wine route is a must-see wine tourism destination

The essential visit of Amboise castle, residence of the kings of France during the Renaissance.
Between Chenonceau and Beauval zoo, a superb wine country in the heart of the Val de Cher.
A charming village surrounded by vineyards. Welcome to Bourgueil.
A superb vineyard at the outskirts of Tours, the capital city of the Loire Valley.
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Cheverny castle
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Discover the wineries in Loire Valley wine region in France.
Pick a city or a château, find the best wineries nearby.
Plan and book ahead the perfect wine tasting.

Pick a winery, make a booking, enjoy the wine tasting.


Discover hundreds of wineries in Loire Valley wine region listed in our directory.


Sort wineries by appellation, location, opening hours, proposed wine activities ... it's all there.


Plan your wine tasting ahead, with our one-click appointment request.

Because the Loire Valley wine region produces wines of exceptional quality and diversity. White Loire Valley wine, red Loire Valley wine, sparkling Loire Valley wine, rosé Loire Valley wine and sweet Loire Valley wine : the list is … complete!

Because the Loire valley wine region and its vineyards surround some of the most beautiful castles in the world : Chambord, Amboise, Chenonceaux, Azay le Rideau (just to name a few among many).

The same vineyards that produce the best Loire valley wines from superb appellations such as Sancerre, Vouvray, Bourgueil, Chinon,…

What is less well known is that the local winemakers are great hosts when it come to wine tasting. Simply phone up or book a wine tasting online.

Wineries in Loire Valley wine region? It’s all here on Divine Loire. En route for the perfect Loire valley wine tasting experience!

Loire Valley wineries

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Our selection of divine Loire valley wines

Our selection of Loire Valley wines: flagship producers but also great wines to be discovered from a new (and older!) generation of passionate winemakers.

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