The capital city of the Loire valley wine region, a must stopover during your wine and château tour.


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Visit Tours, Loire Valley's capital city, in the heart of the Touraine wine region

This travel guide will help you plan your stay and organize a wine tasting in some of the best wineries nearby.

The city of Tours has a privileged location on the Loire Valley châteaux and … wine route. It is also a city that is worth paying a visit. From Place Plumereau, with its beautiful medieval style houses, to the monumental Saint-Gatien Cathedral, Tours will also appeal to art lovers with its Museum of Beaux-Arts and the Center for Contemporary Creation Olivier Debré. Crowned with its status of international city of gastronomy, Tours also offers a wide range of bistros and restaurants serving fresh and local cuisine. And a wine list worthy of the Loire Valley wine region. The Vouvray vineyard is less than 10 minutes from the city center of Tours. Welcome to the Loire Valley wine route. Looking for the best wineries and wine tasting tours? Keep reading.

Tours images
Saint-Gatien Cathedral of Tours
Saint-Gatien Cathedral in Tours
Wilson Bridge in Tours
Wilson Bridge in Tours
Saint-Martin basilica
Saint-Martin basilica of Tours
Tours : Medieval houses near Place Plumereau
Tours : Medieval houses near Place Plumereau

Tours : where to taste wine?

A selection of great wineries in the area. Pick a winery to book the perfect wine tasting experience.

Wine tasting near the city center of Tours, capital city of the Loire Valley? Rochecorbon and the Vouvray vineyards are only a few miles to the east. Among the wineries closest to Tours, in Rochecorbon precisely, we recommend the Château Gaudrelle, a friendly wine tasting of sparkling, dry or sweet white wines in a typical troglodyte cellar. Further south and more “confidential”, the Touraine Noble Joué appellation can be tasted at wineries such as Rémi Cosson or et Rousseau Frères Vignerons. But tasting wine in Tours can also be done in its many quality restaurants, or also by visiting two other great vineyards of the Loire Valley at less than a one hour drive by car: Chinon and Bourgueil.

Wine appellations near Tours

Tours : Things to do and to see in the area

Recommended attractions and must-see places nearby.
One of the most remarkable Loire Valley castles, but also a charming medieval town and a ... wine appellation.
Chinon. Famous for its quality red wines ... but also a beautiful medieval city worth a (de)tour.