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Divine Loire is a specialist online guide to Loire Valley wine tasting & wineries. Organize your wine tour in a breeze.

The “Divine Loire” project started in 2019.

Its ambition: to promote Loire Valley wines, its wineries and, more generally, wine tourism in the Loire Valley.

After a year of preparatory work, our online platform was launched in March 2020.

Divineloire.fr has now been online for a few months … and is preparing for 2021 with optimism.

We hope our website will help wine lovers around the world discover Loire Valley wines. And also, guide you in organizing wine tastings and local winery tours … conditions permitting…


Malcolm Boyd
Founder of Divine Loire

Malcolm Boyd - Blog des vins de Loire
About the author

My name is Malcolm Boyd, I founded Divine Loire to promote one of France's great wine regions : the divine Loire Valley. My wife comes from the Loire Valley ("born and raised" there). My own great-grandfather was a winegrower in Coteaux du Layon. And I now live in Tours, the capital of the Loire Valley. Ah .. also, I am half Scottish, half French. Probably why I hate half empty glasses!

What you can do on Divine Loire:
organize a wine tasting, read our Loire Valley wine guides, buy wine online.

Make an appointment for a wine tasting visit at Loire Valley wineries.

Planning ahead your wine tasting tour in the Loire Valley is always better. Browse our winery list, pick a winemaker and organize a wine tasting in a breeze.

Read our Loire Valley wine guides to understand the Loire Valley vineyards

To prepare your wine tour in the region, Divine Loire proposes guides and blog posts to help you understand the different terroirs and appellations of the Loire Valley.

Discover a selection of Loire Valley wines to taste in at the winey or to buy online

Divine Loire focuses on ONE wine region and ONE only. As a specialist, we make you discover the flagship wine producers but also a new generation of promising winegrowers.

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