Vouvray AOC
Region : Touraine

The Vouvray AOC extends its vines along the Loire and Brenne valleys, not far from Tours, capital city of the Loire Valley.

The characteristics of Vouvray AOC wines? The appellation produces white wines exclusively, but in the widest range of styles: dry, tender, semi-dry, sweet or sparkling white wines! The appellation was created in 1936, and today brings together more than 160 wineries spread over a vineyard of 2,250 hectares.

Geologically, the Vouvray vineyard is set on stratas of Turonian and Senonian era limestone rocks. Soils are made of mixed clay and flint stones which allow the production of great white wines, with the perfect dose of acidity married to complex aromas. Historically, the Vouvray vineyard was created by the monks of the monastery of Marmoutier in the … 4th century, more than 1,500 years ago ! The legend has it that it was Saint Martin himself who planted the first vines between the walls of the abbey, with his own hands…

The vineyards around Château Gaudrelle
The vineyards around Château Gaudrelle

Vouvray : The appellation

Located in the Indre-et-Loire department, the Vouvray AOC appellation extends a few kilometers east of the city of Tours. The Vouvray wine region extends over seven villages on the right (north) bank of the Loire and its tributaries, the Brenne and the Cisse rivers. These villages are: Chançay, Noizay, Parçay-Meslay, Reugny, Rochecorbon, Vernou-sur-Brenne and Vouvray (of course!). The Vouvray AOC wine region hosts around 160 wine producers whose vineyards cover just over 2,000 hectares. The Vouvray AOC is located near the areas of Montlouis-sur-Loire and Amboise. Also great wine producing areas, just a few miles away.

Villages of the Vouvray appellation

Vouvray : The wines

Dry white wines
Off-dry white wines
Semi-sweet wines
Sweet wines
Sparkling wines

The wines of the Vouvray AOC appellation are produced exclusively from the Chenin Blanc grape variety, also called “Pineau de la Loire”. Dry white Vouvray wines offer aromas of citrus fruits and white fruits (apple, pear, peach). They are fresh and mineral wines. Semi-dry or sweet wines dare the subtle balance between sweetness and freshness, all with a good length. Finally, the sparkling wines of the Vouvray AOC bring a festive sparkle to the appellation, with a characteristic “brioche” taste, with notes of apples, citrus fruits, hazelnuts or almonds. In the Loire Valley, an aperitif necessarily starts with a sparkling wine from … Vouvray. It’s festive, good and … cheap, even for the best bottles! The dry white wines of Vouvray will be best served with fish and seafood dishes. The semi-dry or sweet wines will accompany any apple-based dessert, a nougat from Tours or a “galette des rois”. And for the adventurous ones: an off-dry Vouvray served with a mild curry or a Thai chicken!

Grape varieties used for Vouvray wines

The Vouvray wine region produces around 55% of non-sparkling white wines and 55% sparkling white wines. All the wines are produced from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes.

Vouvray : The wineries

The Vouvray AOC comprises around 160 winegrowers and wineries. Even if it is not a rule, many winegrowers vinify their Vouvray in sparkling wines, but also in dry or sweet white wines. What to do next near Vouvray ? One will have the choice between visiting the city of Tours (a few miles don the Loire). You may also visit the vineyard of Montlouis (opposite bank of the river) or go to Amboise to visit the city and it castle.

Loire Valley wines

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