Top Vineyards in Bourgueil

We have picked some of the best vineyards and wineries nearby. To help you have a great wine tasting experience in Bourgueil!

Bourgueil : our pick of great vineyards in the area

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Bourgueil : what about the wines?

The Loire Valley offers a wide variety of quality wines thanks to its diversity of terroirs and grape varieties, ranging from dry white wines to light and fruity red wines, as well as dry rosé wines and sparkling wines.

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Bourgueil : what are the appellations (AOC/AOP)?

Which Loire wines to taste at vineyards in Bourgueil? Some wine makers offer wines from different appellations, depending on the geographical location of their vineyards. A wine tasting at the winery will allow you to explore the wide range of Loire Valley wines. Follow the guide.

Many wineries own vineyards across multiple appellations (also known as PDO or Protected Designation of Origin), which always leaves a wide range of possibilities. In France, appellations are usually referred to as AOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) or AOP (Appellation of Protected Origin). The difference? None really, it lies in the fact that AOP is a newer and broader European appellation, which includes French AOCs as well as other European appellations.

Loire Valley vineyards

The Bourgueil AOC appellation mainly produces red wines (and a very small amount of rosé wines). Two styles of wine coexist in the Bourgueil appellation : on one side the fruity and lighter red wines produced on the gravel along the banks of the Loire, and on the other, what is referred to as "tufa wines", more tannic, complex and full-bodied. The latter are usually produced from the vines located on the hillsides of Bourgueil. The Bourgueil AOC appellation (by the way, AOC and AOP are synonyms) was created in 1937, and today brings together more than 120 wineries spread over a vineyard of 1,400 hectares.