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Which Loire wines to taste at vineyards in Chaumont-sur-Loire? Some wine makers offer wines from different appellations, depending on the geographical location of their vineyards. A wine tasting at the winery will allow you to explore the wide range of Loire Valley wines. Follow the guide.
Appellations found near Chaumont-sur-Loire
Vignoble Touraine - Val de Loire


Touraine AOC (or AOP) produces wines in a very wide range of styles and colors: white wines, red wines, rosé wines and sparkling wines! The appellation was created in 1939, and comprises nowadays more than 600 wineries spread over a vineyard of 5000 hectares.


Things to do and to see in the region

After your wine tasting, our recommendations of things to do or see near Chaumont-sur-Loire. And yes, there are not only wine producers worth visiting in the area!
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