Best wine years for Bourgueil : our exclusive guide

We know that when it comes to wine, there are years that produce better vintages than others. Loire valley wines are no exception to this rule!

Best wine years for Bourgueil wines 2009-2019

Beyond the know-how of the winemaker, the climatic conditions remain a determining factor in the quality of the wines.

Between spring frost, too much water, not enough water … To produce a great wine, favorable weather conditions are necessary for the harmonious development of the grapes which will produce the juice to be vinified.

We have been fortunate to have very good years for Loire valley wines since 2015. Will 2019 also be one of the best vintages for Bourgueil wines?

As the harvest ended in October 2019, the winegrowers’ first impressions were quite good. Even if the general feeling was that the 2019 vintage would always fall short to an exceptional 2018 vintage, both in terms of quality and quantity.

While the first 2019 Bourgueil wine bottles are already available for sale, what is the quality of this new vintage?

Well, the 2019 vintage will hold up well, despite much lower yields than the previous year. The reason? An episode of spring frost that impacted the vines where the first buds were appearing.

Fortunately, a beautiful summer, hot and dry, made it possible to obtain the bunches in perfect sanitary condition. And splatters of rain at the end of September brought in the last stretch what was needed to produce colorful, tannic, concentrated juices … and ready for keeping!

While waiting to be able to fully taste this new 2019 Bourgueil vintage, you can browse the guide to the best vintages of Loire valley wines since 2009. Cheers!

Loire valley wines vintage chart

Loire Valley wine vintage guide

BourgueilRed wines Pictogramme - Vins rouges

ChinonRed wines Pictogramme - Vins rouges

Vouvray | White wines Vin blanc - Tendre - White wine -Lightly sweet

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About our wine vintage charts

We have drafted this guide on the basis of a unique methodology, which consists of analyzing the ratings given by hundreds of web users to a representative sample of winegrowers and wines selected by us.