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Visiting Bourgueil : wine & city guide

Visiting Bourgueil? Our exclusive guide and our advice to prepare your stay and organize a wine tasting in the cellars of the best wineries near Bourgueil.

Wineries in Bourgueil

Bourgueil is one of the three major Loire Valley red wine appellations in the area, along with Chinon and Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil. Today, the AOC produces wines whose quality and reputation are constantly improving. To organize a wine tasting in Bourgueil you will be never be out of options. Several dozens winegrowers’ cellars await you, and some very close to the city center, such as Bertrand and Vincent Marchesseau or Maison Audebert et Fils.

Our favorite wineries in Bourgueil

So difficult to choose only four wineries! It means leaving so many wine tasting options aside … 

Visiting Bourgueil region

Top things to see in Bourgueil

The pretty village of Bourgueil is located about forty kilometers west of the city of Tours, the capital city of the Loire Valley. Popular places to visit within a few miles of Bourgueil include the Chateau of Rigny Ussé and the beautiful villages of Candes-Saint-Martin and Montsoreau.

Bourgueil city centre

The centre of Bourgueil is a good starting point for a meal. A short walk will take you to the Saint Germain church. The "Maison des Vins de Bourgueil" will also be a practical option for a quick wine tasting. It is located in the family home of Jean Carmet (a famous French actor), a very nice 15th century building, in the heart of Bourgueil.

Château of Rigny Ussé

Located on the south bank of the Loire, the castle acts as a spell on the traveller. It is this architectural gem that inspired Walt Disney for the decor of Sleeping Beauty. The visit will take you through rooms decorated with antique furniture and medieval scenes with dressed mannequins. From the top : a beautiful view of the river Indre and the garden at the foot of the ramparts.

Candes-Saint-Martin and Montsoreau

These two villages are classified among the most beautiful in France ... and are only a few kilometers apart! In Candes, you will stroll through the streets and visit the church dedicated to St Martin, the famous soldier monk who became bishop of Tours. In Montsoreau, you will admire the beautiful castle!


Selection of blog posts on Bourgueil wines and winemakers

Looking for inspiration? Our blog is full of posts, tips and useful links to help you prepare your wine tasting in Bourgueil, a key stopover on the Loire Valley wine route, between Tours and Angers.

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