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Loire Valley vineyards map

Find the perfect wine tasting experience to discover the wines of these trendy vineyards.

The Loire Valley is referred to as the “Garden of France”. Mild temperatures all year long, water in abundant quantities thanks to the presence of the river. Great conditions for great wines.The Loire Valley is France’s third winemaking region and it boasts the longest wine route in France. Along this route, there are thousands of wine producers and 85 different appellations!So it goes without saying that choosing which wineries to include in your visit list might be more difficult than you expected.However, no matter which of the Loire Valley wineries you choose to visit first, the diversity of the wine offering is incredible : dry or sweet white wines, reds, sparkling, it’s all there.From Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon to Melon de Bourgogne without forgetting Chenin, the star of the Loire Valley. An endless combination of wine tasting opportunities, for all and every taste.Touring the Loire Valley vineyards in short : a long trail of wineries and fine wines, rich in aromas and flavors, to be enjoyed over the water, from Angers to Blois.The great diversity of its vineyards and the increasing quality of Loire Valley wines has set this region on the worldwide wine map.Trendy, the Loire Valley? Yes, ab-so-lu-te-ly.

Wineries near major cities

Organizing a stay or a short wine break in the Loire Valley? Use the links below as an alternative to the wine map to find the wineries near the major cities of the region.

Tours remains the capital city of the Loire Valley and its châteaux : Chinon, Bourgueil and Vouvray are within 40 miles distance (Vouvray is even much closer, less than 5 miles). These three major wine cities of the Loire Valley are always a good starting point for your wine tasting tour.