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Domaine de la Grange, Patrimoine : superb full-bodied red!

Domaine de la Grange - Bruno Curassier - Patrimoine 2014
“Patrimoine, Rouge Corsé” – a very fine vintage from the Domaine de la Grange estate, powerful & dark. But no witchcraft here, just a kind of magic.

Domaine de la Grange, Patrimoine : superb full-bodied red!

Crafted by Bruno Curassier, winemaker in Bléré, Loire Valley, France.

I always have a few bottles of the domaine de la Grange estate in my cellar … since I discovered Bruno Curassier and his wines for the first time at Vitiloire , a few years ago. It must have been in 2016 or 2017 (at least if I trust this bottle taken from the cellar: 2014 vintage). One of the best discoveries for me that year.

If Bruno Curassier has affixed the title of “Artisan Vigneron” on his brand it is no coincidence. Like any craftsman (“Artisan” means craftsman in French), he does things well. And if we stick to the etymology of the word, originally the craftsman is one who puts his art at the service of others. Clearly, these wines are there to bring happiness to others.

"Beautiful purple color, dense and deep. Nose: animal notes of leather, old wood. Palate : Round and full-bodied. Fleshy. Beautiful. ''

On the varietal side, we are on a blend of Cabernet Franc and old Malbec. The color is crimson, dark, blood-like. No wonder why the French call wine “le sang de la terre” (literally meaning “the blood of the earth”).And the vines have already bled for a while : from 20 to 50 years.

I know, I know, good manners prohibit revealing the age of ladies …

Wines picked by the chef

Two (nice) restaurants where you can enjoy Domaine de la Grange wines

Two restaurants where you can find Bruno Curassier’s wines (if my memory serves me well and if they are always on the menu). At Clos aux Roses , in the heart of the charming village of Chédigny, 10 kilometers north of Loches. And at Auberge du Cheval Rouge , in Chisseaux. In any case, two safe choices of restaurants.

On the palate, it is a gourmet, powerful, generous and fruity cuvée, with a nice balance (less for the taster, after a few glasses …). The oak barrel ageing is there, but remains subtle.

The best wine pairing for this pretty red Loire Valley wine?

Only your imagination will limit you there. But why not pair it with grilled lamb chops, a juicy veal chop or a barbecued rib of beef.

This red wine can also stand the fight alone. Aperitivo solo. Your choice.

Price : around 8 euros per bottle, at the estate.

Domaine de la Grange - Bruno Curassier - Patrimoine 2014 - etiquette
We love this bottle and its nice curvy shape. An asserted personality.
Loire Valley winery guide

Domaine de la Grange

On the Loire Valley wine route, famous for its magnificent castles, the Domaine de la Grange estate is only at a a stone’s throw from the Château de Chenonceaux. A mandatory visit if you are in the area. Relaxed tasting in an easily accessible cellar at the exit of the small town of Bléré. A wide range of wines, white, red, rosé and sparkling.

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