Wine tourism in Angers

Plan a wine tour in the Anjou region, famous for its sweet Coteaux du Layon​ wines

The city of Angers alone is worth the detour. Go visit the Angers castle and its famous “Tenture de l’Apocalypse”, a jewel of medieval tapestry. And also, in the heart of Angers, the St-Maurice cathedral and the beautiful “Place Sainte-Croix” …

Take advantage of this walk to stop for lunch in one of the many restaurants in the city center. But Angers is also the perfect starting point for discovering the entire Anjou-Saumur vineyard, which has no less than 27 appellations!

In the immediate vicinity, to the south of Angers, the Aubance and Layon valleys produce the sweet white wines for which the region is famous.

Welcome to the Coteaux du Layon wine route.

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