Between Tours, Amboise and Chenonceau, discover a picturesque vineyard where the Chenin blanc grape is king.

Visiting Montlouis-sur-Loire wine region

This travel guide will help you plan your stay and organize a wine tasting in some of the best wineries nearby.

Ten miles from Tours and not far from Amboise, the Montlouis-sur-Loire wine region charms with its picturesque vineyards. Vines deployed in serene undulations, worth a stroll. But also and above all Montlouis-sur-Loire produces superb dry and sweet white wines, made from 100% chenin blanc. Montlouis-sur-Loire (or Montlouis for short) is a sublime Loire Valley wine appellation. Less recognized that its more famous  neighbor, Vouvray (located on the opposite bank of the Loire). Quite unfairly, so be said. If you want to straighten this out, go visit (and taste) Montlouis wines. Between Amboise and Tours, our online guide will help you select the perfect Montlouis wineries for your wine tasting tour. Cheers.

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Wine tasting in the vineyards near Montlouis-sur-Loire
The picturesque Monlouis-sur-Loire vineyard is worth a stroll
Wine tasting near Montlouis-sur-Loire at Domaine de la Taille aux Loups (Jacky Blot)
Domaine de la Taille aux Loups (Jacky Blot): an institution of the Montlouis appellation

Wineries nearby

Wine tasting in Montlouis-sur-Loire? Several wineries await you on the road between Tours and Amboise. Among the top Montlouis wineries, we recommend François Chidaine and his “tasting shop” located on the banks of the Loire in Montlouis. Coming from Tours, you can stop for a wine tasting at Domaine de l’Ouche Gaillard. Arriving from Amboise, stop to taste the magnificent wines of Jacky Blot at Domaine de la Taille aux Loups.

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Things to do and to see in the area

Recommended attractions and must-see places nearby.
Wine tasting near Amboise castle : Amboise castle seen from the Loire river


A charming town, two remarkable castles and a wine appellation, “Touraine Amboise”.

Saint-Gatien Cathedral of Tours


The capital city of the Loire valley wine region, a must stopover during your wine and château tour.

Chaumont-sur-Loire, a charming village on the Loire overlooked by the castle


One of the most beautiful Loire Valley gardens on the land of the Touraine Mesland wine appellation.

The Chenonceau castle, on the river Cher


One of the most remarkable Loire Valley château has given its name to a new wine appellation : Touraine Chenonceaux.