A stone's throw from Blois, a superb castle and also ... inspiring white and red wines.

Visiting Cheverny castle (and wine tasting nearby)

This travel guide will help you plan your stay and organize a wine tasting in some of the best wineries nearby.

South of Blois, the castle of Cheverny welcomes you for a visit that will please both young and older folks. Because Cheverny is none other than the same castle which inspired Hergé, the creator of Tintin (remember, Captain Haddock’s ancestral home “Marlinspike Hall”, better known as “Moulinsart” in the original French version). The pretext for many exhibitions around Tintin and his captain friend. On the wine side, Cheverny castle is located in the heart of the wine-growing “Sologne” region, which is a good starting point for discovering the eponymous appellation. The red wines are fruity, with finesse. The whites are floral and delicate.

Cheverny images
Wine tasting near Cheverny castle, which inspired Hergé, the creator of Tintin
The Château de Cheverny, which inspired Hergé, the creator of Tintin
Cheverny wine region : the castle, a must-do visit
Cheverny castle, a closer look!
The Cheverny castle hunting dog pack
The Cheverny castle hunting dog pack

Wineries nearby

Wine tasting near Cheverny castle? Yes yes, it is possible, because Cheverny is more than a magnificent castle. It is a vineyard and two wine appellations : Cheverny (red and white wines) and Cour-Cheverny (sweet white wines).

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Popular wineries

A selection of great wineries in the area. Pick a winery to book the perfect wine tasting experience.

Things to do and to see in the area

Recommended attractions and must-see places nearby.
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Chaumont-sur-Loire, a charming village on the Loire overlooked by the castle


One of the most beautiful Loire Valley gardens on the land of the Touraine Mesland wine appellation.

The Chenonceau castle, on the river Cher


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Visiting Montrichard wine country : the medieval town


Between Chenonceau and Beauval zoo, a superb wine country in the heart of the Val de Cher.