Amboise castle

The essential visit of Amboise castle, residence of the kings of France during the Renaissance.

Visiting Amboise royal castle (and wine tasting nearby)

This travel guide will help you plan your stay and organize a wine tasting in some of the best wineries nearby.

At less than five miles from Tours, Montlouis and Vouvray, upstream of the Loire river, the royal castle of Amboise is one of the iconic Loire Valley châteaux. From the top of a rocky cliff, the old medieval fortress offers a beautiful view over the city of Amboise. Occupied by the French royal court during the Renaissance period, Amboise castle attracted artists from all over Europe. The most famous of all being Leonardo da Vinci who spent the last three years of his life in the neighboring Château of Clos Lucé, under the protection of François I, king of France. Amboise is also the heart of the wine appellation which boasts the same name (“Touraine Amboise”). Amboise is a city of History and wine. A great place for tasting wine at wineries nearby : the Amboise area produces superb red, white and rosé wines. Welcome to Touraine Amboise wine country.

Amboise castle
Amboise castle images
Visiting Amboise : esplanade of the Amboise castle
Amboise royal castle seen from the courtyard
Wine tasting near Amboise castle : Amboise castle seen from the Loire river
Amboise : the castle seen from the Loire river
Visiting Amboise : aerial view of the Loire and the Amboise castle
Aerial view of the Loire and the Amboise castle
Visiting Amboise: the roofs of the city
Amboise: the roofs of the city seen from the castle
Amboise castle

Wineries nearby

Wine tasting near Amboise castle? Several wineries are within a radius of 3 miles. Among the closest wineries to downtown Amboise, we recommend Château de Montdomaine, Plou & Fils and La Grange Tiphaine.

Winery map
Amboise castle

Things to do and to see in the area

Recommended attractions and must-see places nearby.
Wine tasting near Amboise castle : Amboise castle seen from the Loire river


A charming town, two remarkable castles and a wine appellation, “Touraine Amboise”.

Saint-Gatien Cathedral of Tours


The capital city of the Loire valley wine region, a must stopover during your wine and château tour.

Chaumont-sur-Loire, a charming village on the Loire overlooked by the castle


One of the most beautiful Loire Valley gardens on the land of the Touraine Mesland wine appellation.

The Chenonceau castle, on the river Cher


One of the most remarkable Loire Valley château has given its name to a new wine appellation : Touraine Chenonceaux.