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Le Clos de Guichaux, Domaine Guiberteau (Saumur)

Le Clos de Guichaux

Domaine Guiberteau

A chiseled Saumur with multiple flavors.

A superb white wine, aromatic, complex, structured: a great tasting pleasure.

39,00 per bottle

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A propos - Le Clos de Guichaux

Le Clos de Guichaux from Domaine Guiberteau is a Saumur blanc, made from chenin blanc by the young winemaker Romain Guiberteau, one of the rising stars of the Loire wine region. On the nose, nice notes of citrus, green fruits and honey. On the palate it is an aromatic, complex wine, with a beautiful freshness while being straight and structured. Le Clos de Guichaux is extremely mineral on the palate, the hallmark of the great white wines of the Loire.


Food pairing?

Seafood, marinated mussels, sole with almonds, …

A look at Domaine Guiberteau

Find out where Le Clos de Guichaux comes from !
The winery has converted to organic wines since 2003.
Domaine Guiberteau deploys its 17 hectares of vines in the heart of the Anjou-Saumur wine region. Located on the Saumur vineyard, the winery produces typical wines of this appellation.

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