Domaine Catherine et Pierre Breton "Trinch!"

The “Trinch” cuvée from Pierre and Catherine Breton is a delicious, thirst-quenching and tannic wine. We didn’t make that up : they are the ones who say it! “Trinch!” means “Drink!” in old French : it is an invitation to the pleasure of good wine. An exhortation taken from the “Quint Livre” by the famous medieval writer François Rabelais. A nice tribute from Catherine and Pierre Breton, and a nice gift to us. “Trinch!” is a “young, straightforward, sweet and firm” wine to accompany aperitifs and improvised dinners with friends. The Trinch cuvée is a fruity, round, gourmet Bourgueil. A thirst-quenching wine to drink immediately. So what? Drink Trinch. Now.

Wine type


Grape variety

Cabernet franc





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Nice intro to biodynamic French Loire reds

Beautifully smooth, easy drinking. Medium tannins, light body. Fresh and juicy but has some depth. Good value for money and a nice introduction into natural, biodynamic wines.

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