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Chinon rosé, Domaine Charles Joguet (Chinon)

Chinon rosé Joguet

Domaine Charles Joguet

A rosé wine of great complexity.

A sweet little gem, great in the summer and not just as an aperitif!

20,00 per bottle

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A propos - Chinon rosé Joguet

Chinon rosé from Domaine Charles Joguet offers an exciting nose of wild strawberries and red fruits. It is an organic rosé wine, dry and very fresh, which combines aromas of strawberry and cherry with beautiful nuances of cantaloupe melon. The Cabernet Franc grape produces what is locally known as “vin de saignée” (“bleeding” wine), whose juice has remained in contact with the skins of the grapes just enough to give it its beautiful salmon color. Chinon rosé from Charles Joguet, not just a “simple” rosé!

Red cherry

Food pairing?

A platter of asparagus, or a Thai chicken?

A look at Domaine Charles Joguet

Find out where Chinon rosé Joguet comes from !
Domaine Charles Joguet deploys its 40 hectares of vines in the heart of the Touraine wine region. The winery produces wines from two main appellations : Chinon and Touraine.

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